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Hello Barbie


Two years ago Hello Barbie became the poster child for the dangers of connected toys for kids. It listened to and recorded kids using a microphone, sent that data to live on the company’s servers, those recordings were shared with third parties, and the Wi-Fi and app Hello Barbie used could easily be hacked, potentially letting strangers listen to your children. Hello Barbie is still around with some updates to the privacy and data storage policies. It’s up to you to decide if that’s good enough to feel safe giving this toy to your kids.

Can it spy on me?

*Includes both the device and the device’s app
Tracks location

What does it know about me?

Does the app require me to create an account?
Does it have privacy controls?
Can I delete my data by contacting the company?

Does the company share data with a third party for unexpected reasons?


What could happen if something went wrong?

It could record and say weird and creepy things to your children.

Privacy policy:

View the privacy policy here.

Got questions? Have your own review?

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