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Sensible Object LtD

Beasts of Balance


This app-connected game looks like Jenga met Bandu on a trip to the zoo. There are plastic animals and shapes you stack on a tower without everything toppling over. All while connected through an app to your phone, tablet, or TV that’s telling a story and giving your challenges along the way. If you’re looking to add a little whimsy to your play, this looks up to the challenge.

Can it spy on me?

*Includes both the device and the device’s app
Tracks location

What does it know about me?

Does the app require me to create an account?
Does it have privacy controls?
Can I delete my data by contacting the company?

Does the company share data with a third party for unexpected reasons?


What could happen if something went wrong?

It could know how obsessed you are with making new animals, you crazy mad scientist you.

Privacy policy:

View the privacy policy here.

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