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Hatch Baby

Hatch Baby Rest


Night lights used to be about keeping us safe from the scary monsters under the bed. Meet the “smart night light” that says it can help keep your toddler out of <em>your</em> bed. This Bluetooth night light connects to an app which lets you program when it turns on and off, what color it glows, and even plays soothing sounds to help the little one fall asleep. Hopefully it still protects from those monsters under the bed too.

Can it spy on me?

*Includes both the device and the device’s app
Tracks location

What does it know about me?

Does the app require me to create an account?
Does it have privacy controls?
Can I delete my data by contacting the company?

Does the company share data with a third party for unexpected reasons?


What could happen if something went wrong?

It could know when and how often you are putting your baby to sleep and judge you, silently.

Privacy policy:

View the privacy policy here.

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