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August Smart Door Lock


Sometime soon, that “Oh crap!” feeling of getting locked out of your house will be as foreign to kids as rotary phones are now thanks to the “smart lock.” Install it on a deadbolt and you can lock and unlock your door with your phone, give people keyless access to your home, and even track who is coming and going while you are away. Apparently it still works with old school keys, for that “Oh crap!” moment when you lose your phone.

Can it spy on me?

*Includes both the device and the device’s app
Tracks location

What does it know about me?

Does the app require me to create an account?
Does it have privacy controls?
Can I delete my data by contacting the company?

Does the company share data with a third party for unexpected reasons?

online tracking

What could happen if something went wrong?

It could unlock the door unexpectedly or get hacked and open your door to a stranger.

Privacy policy:

View the privacy policy here.

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