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Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit


This is billed as “everything you need to monitor your home from anywhere using your smartphone”. Here’s a story about that: Someone once tried putting cameras in their home. Mostly they wound up goofing off, looking at the camera on their phone while standing in front of their security camera. But then one night, they woke up and opened the app and for a split-second wondered how freaked out they would be if they saw a man in a clown suit on the infrared night camera. He slowly opens the door to their house, walks in front of the camera and disappears in a fisheye haste toward the hallway. They’re in their bed and hear footsteps on the stairs, which they then hear two seconds later louder in their phone and their heart starts pounding and… it turns out, security cameras in the home aren’t for everyone.

Can it spy on me?

*Includes both the device and the device’s app
Tracks location

What does it know about me?

Does the app require me to create an account?
Does it have privacy controls?
Can I delete my data by contacting the company?

Does the company share data with a third party for unexpected reasons?


What could happen if something went wrong?

It could know your daily routine and that data could be used against you.

Privacy policy:

View the privacy policy here.

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