Stop Ajit Pai’s Plan to Kill Net Neutrality

Congress Needs to Hear from You

Call your members of Congress and urge them to stop Pai’s plan

We’ll provide a script to help you make the call

How will this impact me?

Lawmakers are considering a resolution of disapproval that - if passed - will stop Pai’s Net Neutrality order from coming into effect. Ever. The Congressional Review Act (CRA) lets our representatives overturn decisions by agencies like the FCC - that’s why we need to push Congress to make it happen.

The motion has passed the Senate. Getting the CRA resolution through the House is going to be harder; 20 Republicans need to support the resolution for it to have a chance. But we know that net neutrality isn’t a partisan issue outside of DC.

That’s where you come in. We know that public pressure can move Congress to do the right thing - the key is to show up.