Here’s how to make the call

  1. Make sure you have your phone nearby.

  2. Enter your phone number in the box below and click the “call now” button.

  3. Answer your phone when it rings, and you’ll be connected to a Member of Congress.*

  4. Read the script below:

    “Hi, I’m [first name, last name] and I’m from [city, state].”

    “I want to discuss Net Neutrality. I am a [technologist, creator, scientist, journalist, librarian, artist, etc.] and I believe in keeping the web open and fair. I don’t believe ISPs should have the power to pick and choose our online content. Please support the CRA and overturn the FCC’s decision.”

    “Thank you for your time”

*Because of split zipcodes there's a chance you'll be put through to a different representative. No worries, have a conversation with the office and ask them to transfer you. Reaching more people on this issue helps!

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